Alternative Dispute Resolution Experience


North Carolina Superior Court Mediator certified by North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission since 1996. Amercian Arbitration Association Mediator since 1990. For American Arbitration Association, mediated highly contested, multi-faceted construction dispute among a general contractor, a municipality and an engineer to a resolution and also in another matter was both the chair of the arbitration panel and the mediator in a four party arbitration-mediation of a substantial construction dispute among an owner, architect, general contrator and a subcontractor. Also have mediated a variety of disputes in United States Distrcit Courts in North Carolina and North Caroline Superior Courts and numerous pre-litigation voluntary mediations, but maily construction, real estate and contract and other commercial matters.


American Arbitration Association arbitrator since 1985. Have served on arbitration panels as chairman and/or member and as individual arbitrator for American Arbitration Association and as chairman and/or member and as individual arbitrator for private common law arbitrations and as third-party neutral arbitrator for variety of construction and commercial contract disputes involving complex issues and substantial amounts in controversy.


As the attorney for one or more of the parties have participated in many arbitrations and mediations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

American Arbitration Association: Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process & Dynamics (ACE005), 2006; ACE004 - Dealing with Delay Tactics in Arbitration, 12/05; ACE001 - Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards, 03/05; Annual Arbitrator Update 2002; AAA Construction Arbitrator II Training, Atlana, 4/02; AAA Construction Industry Arbitrator Training, Charlotte, 6/97; Duke University Private Adjudication Center Mediation Training, Durham, 5/96; AAA Mediation Training, Charlestor, 8/90.